Puritan Papers: Vol. 1, 1956-1959

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Fuller writes:.

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I immediately went and talked to him, as well as I could, on the evil of his conduct. His answer was, he could not keep himself ; and that though I bore so hard on him, I was not my own keeper. At this I felt indignant, considering it as a base excuse. I therefore told him that he could keep himself from such sins as these, and that his way of talking was merely to excuse what was inexcusable.

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He, however, was offended, and told me that I was young and did not know the deceitfulness of my own heart. Well, I went and told my pastor, who highly commended me, and said, we certainly could keep ourselves from open sins. We had not power, he observed, to do things spiritually good; but as to outward acts, we had power to obey the will of God and to disobey it. As for Fuller, the more he thought the more puzzled he became. He [ Fuller ] writes,. If we were like stocks and stones, or literally dead, like men in a burying-ground, we could with no more propriety than they be commanded to perform any duty; if we were mere machines, there could be no sin chargeable upon us … I prayed much, and labored hard to solve this difficulty.

Puritan Papers (set of 5)

Cotter, Cory S. Cragg, Gerald R. Field, David P. Gibson, William, Robert D. Cornwall and James E. Bradley eds. Jordan, Wilbur K. Jones, Robert Tudur, Alan P.

Aldershot, Kapic, Kelley, and Justin Taylor ed. Lacey, Douglas R. Underwood, T. Winship, Michael P. His theology is Reformed, though he is open to ecumenical rapprochement with Anglo-Catholics, which has drawn sharp criticism from some quarters. He famously parted ways with Martyn Lloyd-Jones over this issue in the late s. In , Packer moved to Vancouver, BC, Canada, to take up a position with Regent College, where he would become Professor of Theology, a position he retains beyond the age of 90, even though his vision is now seriously impaired. During a ministry career spanning over six decades, and through his prolific written output, Packer has distinguished himself as one of the leading theologians and church historians of our time.

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His book Knowing God has become a modern classic, and he has done much to stimulate wider interest in the great works of Puritan spirituality - a great passion of his. He has been a frequent contributor to and an executive editor of Christianity Today. Packer served as general editor for the English Standard Version of the Bible , an evangelical revision of the Revised Standard Version of Packer and his wife Kit have three adopted children.

Packer rises early at four in the morning, and until he lost his eyesight wrote by means of his old manual typewriter. Libel Case Material Press releases and photographs pertaining to the transistor Army Scientific Advisory Panel Materials from libel case filed by Shockley Research materials on environment and heredity; binders containing financial records, proposals, and other records from research projects Teaching materials Correspondence Vol.

Trip correspondence ; Europe ; correspondence Manpower studies Vol. Film program-Physical Science Study Conn.

Material in "Old Info" Files: current file now. John Bulova Watch Co. Photographic brochure of Fort Bragg Airborne Corps.

APS Div. Caltech Industrial Association, Pasadena, Feb. I, Files containing correspondence, travel itineraries, invitations to speak, and other items pertaining to meetings and conferences Correspondence, travel requests, and itineraries related to conferences and meetings, Expense reports: Personnel files arranged by year , individual name, field, or organization.

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Europe ; correspondence ; expo vouchers ; Sigma Xi correspondence Freshman Seminar Freshman Seminar curriculum materials Curriculum materials Student Papers Student papers and memos: Freshman seminar 3 notebooks. After Acad. Roll 15; copies: 1 Aug. Chronological incoming correspondence Jan-Aug. Chronological incoming correspondence Sep-Apr. Chronological outgoing correspondence Jan May. Chronological incoming correspondence May Jun. Chronological outgoing correspondence Jun-Dec. Chronological incoming correspondence Jul Jul.

Chronological outgoing correspondence Jan-Dec. Chronological incoming correspondence Aug Dec. Chronological incoming correspondence Jan Aug. Chronological outgoing correspondence Jan Dec. Chronological incoming correspondence Sep Oct. Chronological outgoing correspondence Jan Oct. Material related to comments on "Profile of American Youth" Mar. Selected correspondence organized by correspondent.

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Bell Labs-personnel matters Memos, etc. Military reports , Project [heredity]-memos, letters, taped conversation re 12 Nov. Telephone conversation with Albert B. Miscellaneous U. Hemming 4. Kevan 5. Braund 6. Johnston Part 2: Servants of the Word 1. Thomas 3. Johnston 4. Watkins 5. Young 6. Packer 1. Mingard 4.

Drayson 5. Wooldridge 6. Hughes 2.

Puritan Papers: Vol. 1, 1956-1959 Puritan Papers: Vol. 1, 1956-1959
Puritan Papers: Vol. 1, 1956-1959 Puritan Papers: Vol. 1, 1956-1959
Puritan Papers: Vol. 1, 1956-1959 Puritan Papers: Vol. 1, 1956-1959
Puritan Papers: Vol. 1, 1956-1959 Puritan Papers: Vol. 1, 1956-1959
Puritan Papers: Vol. 1, 1956-1959 Puritan Papers: Vol. 1, 1956-1959
Puritan Papers: Vol. 1, 1956-1959 Puritan Papers: Vol. 1, 1956-1959
Puritan Papers: Vol. 1, 1956-1959 Puritan Papers: Vol. 1, 1956-1959
Puritan Papers: Vol. 1, 1956-1959 Puritan Papers: Vol. 1, 1956-1959
Puritan Papers: Vol. 1, 1956-1959

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